The Needle

(Required Compass Core)

You may have had a history, art history or literature class you really loved. But you’ve never had a course like The Needle. Why? Because The Needle points you to all of these disciplines at the same time, while guiding you around four of the most exciting and life-changing “classrooms” on the face of the globe and stitching together for you five weeks of intense learning.

The Needle will open your eyes to a world that is both gone forever and still totally present. Through this optic, you will see what the great architects of “Western Civilization” meant for you to see.—the city planning, museums, opera houses and theatres that dot this intentional landscape. You will study in many of these storied settings.

You will also see how the sweeping trajectory of Europe had a darker side of conquest, exploitation, disempowerment and genocide. You will discover how progress and destruction worked together to produce not only the invaluable discoveries of Louis Pasteur, but also the murderous efficiency of the death camp’s Zyklon B.

The Needle will meet in each of The Compass cities.