6 Credits

Compass Syllabi for 2014 are available here except for PerverCities 

Ever have a semester when your classes all seem to work together? When what you read in your literature class actually helps you follow your history professor better? That’s everyday life on The Compass. Your courses share themes and a chronology, and are designed to be enmeshed. Your professors will push each other as much as they push you. Together you’ll search deeply into the heart of a continent whose people and beliefs utterly changed the world.

In Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London, you will use The Compass Needle—a three-credit interdisciplinary course required of all students—to follow the gloried and horrific paths of the European idea of progress, from the Renaissance through the Holocaust.

You’ll also choose a course on The Compass Dial, adopting its disciplinarily specific tools to help you navigate through a topography that is simultaneously mad and civilized, beautiful and horrible, warring and peaceful, criminal and just.

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